Here you will find different formats of virgin olive oil -VOO-. They are mild olive oils from the Sierra de Tentudía (Extremadura) (Spain). Ideal for cooking, sauces and pastries.

Organic extra virgin olive oil

We obtain our organic extra virgin olive oil from organic olive trees in our local area. These olive trees have been granted organic certification, issued and monitored by the supervisory authority. In order to secure and keep this certification, growers must meet stringent cultivation standards; the foremost being the use of natural products in order to treat the olive trees. Accordingly, the olive and, by extension, the oil produced is free from chemical products (herbicides and fertilizers, for instance).

In our oil production we use a state-of-the-art 2-phase centrifuge system. The machinery, conduits, and storage tanks are built using certified materials assuring a contamination-free production process. This enables us to produce bio oil avoiding the generation of chemical waste.

This oil benefits from all the properties and features that are characteristic of our EVOOs: aroma, flavor, antioxidants, etc., and the additional bonus of being 100% natural.

By focusing on organic products, we help our growers whilst showing a commitment to a sustainable economy, the environment, and, unquestionably, our clients.

You can view the list of organic producers in Extremadura offering online sales at the following link (we are shown under our business name “HIJOS DE MANUEL IBARRA”)

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